5G also came in this city

Every day we hear a lot of news about 5G and you also want to know when will 5G finally come. Look, good signs are starting to show. Talking about 5G, Airtel has tested 5G in another city and believe me, the speed that has come during testing is very good. Speed ​​is such that Airtel has even broken its own old record. This testing has been done in Mumbai.

In testing, on the speed 5G, did they also tell you about Airtel and at the same time will tell you how there is more good news about 5G after all.
Airtel trials 5G network in Mumbai Airtel has done it with the help of Nokia’s 5G Gear at Phoenix Mall in Mumbai. A video also showed the trial speed of the Airtel 5G network. This trial got a speed of one point two Gbps. If we talk about it, then its speed has been found at the ultra low density of One Point two Gbps. Upload speed was 1 Mbps. Airtel’s speed was up to 1 Gbps in the last trial and the last trial took place in the cyber hub of Gurugram. The company can start a similar trial in Kolkata.

In January this year, Airtel became the first telecom operator to double state 5G service live on a commercial network. So first after Gurugram then Mumbai and Mumbai, now maybe the number is Kolkata, if we talk about Mumbai then the speed which we have got at one point two Gbps. Maybe Airtel can break its own record again in Kolkata.

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