After 28 years, agriculture will be done on this border of India-Pakistan

The farmers of Rajasthan will also be able to cultivate on the lines of Punjab on the India-Pakistan border. The Border Security Force has said to allow farming. A few days ago, in Barmer sector, DIG had interacted with farmers in Sarla area of ​​Chauhtan.

The Border Security Force has installed new gates on the bonus to be opened for farming. After 28 years, the farmers there will be able to cultivate their fields again. Let us tell you that there are many farmers whose 80 percent land is between Tarbandi and Point Zero. Neither these farmers were getting compensation after the lapse of 28 years nor were they being allowed to do farming. The farmers were continuously demanding for this. In the year 2013, the High Court had said in the decision that either compensation should be given or permission should be given for cultivation. Now farmers have the right to do farming. Border Security Force.
According to the information received, the number of farmers affected in this way in this way was close to 1962 but the number of affected farmers has become around 10 thousand. Farmers of Ramsar Sewa Chauhtan Gadra area are affected on the border. To make the farmers whose fields are tarbandi and pass, a Jamabandi and ID card will have to be deposited in the border posts to make them near. After that, an ID card with his photo will be made by the BSF. Barmer DIG Vineet Kumar said that after meeting with the farmers who are constantly demanding at zero point, it has been decided that farmers will now be able to do their farming at zero point.

Farmers will be given entry for cultivation at 9 am and then return with strict checking till 5 pm. Farmers will be able to cultivate their fields for 8 hours. Women are also allowed to go for farming and for this, the Border Security Force is getting a separate room prepared on Blue Peace. The Indo-Pak border with Rajasthan was cordoned off by the Border Security Force in the year 1992.

After this the farmers were continuously demanding that they should be allowed to cultivate their land. After 28 years, now the Border Security Force has given them permission to do farming.

Farmer Roopram had 50 bighas of land in 1992, but due to tarbandi and zero point, he is currently able to cultivate only 7 bighas of land, but according to the exemption given by the Border Security Force, now he is able to cultivate 27 bighas of land. But you can start farming.

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