Explosion on ship at Jebel ali port in Dubai

These pictures of the loud explosion have been posted in the city of Dubai, wherever the echo of the blast was heard, after which a terrible fire broke out in the ship standing there. The explosion was so strong that it could be heard far away. Nearby houses were damaged by the blast. At the same time, the fire surrounded the ships standing on the port, after which the fire brigade team brought the fire under control after hard work.
According to officials, the accident took place due to the explosive material kept in the ship. However, which country it belongs to has not been confirmed yet. No casualties have been reported so far in the incident, but the blast at the world-famous port has left the UAE investigating agencies in a tizzy. Let us tell you that the Jabal Ali Port of Dubai in UAE is one of the major trading ports in the world and in such a situation, this explosion has raised many questions.

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