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Haiti’s president murdered at his own home

This news is such that you may not believe it. The news is from the Caribbean country of Haiti, where the president was murdered at his own home by suspected assailants. According to the police, four suspected attackers in the President’s assassination case were gunned down by the security forces while two have been taken into custody. Police Chief Leon Chass said the remaining attackers would soon be caught by the police.

Moise was 53 years old. According to the BBC report, some unidentified gunmen broke into the house of President Moussa in Haiti’s capital Port au Prince at around 1 pm local time on Wednesday and shot and killed the socks. Marty Ne Moise, First Lady of Haiti and wife of President Moise, was also injured in the attack. He was brought to Florida for treatment. His condition is said to be stable.

Police Chief Charles said in a televised address on Wednesday that four of the attackers were killed by security forces while two are in our custody. The condition of the three policemen who were taken hostage is also stable now. After the attackers left the President’s house, there was an encounter with the police on the way.

Moise became the President of Haiti in the year 2017. Recently there were fierce protests demanding his resignation. Coup Political instability Gang war violence and natural disasters have made Haiti one of the poor countries. The country’s interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph has declared a state of emergency. Joseph said the attackers were foreigners who knew English and Spanish. The official languages ​​of Haiti are Creole and French.

Some reports said some of the men were dressed in black and pretended to be from the US Drug Enforcement Agency. However, no official information has been revealed about this yet. Haiti’s ambassador to the US, Bazil Edmund, said the attack was not carried out by US drug agents. He said that this attack was done by giving betel nut. Later, the news agency told Reuters that the attackers would have posed as a US agent when they entered the president’s house.

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