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Hardik Pandya Singing Sri Lanka National Anthem

The T20 series between India and Sri Lanka has started and India has also managed to win its first T20 match, but the player who became the subject of discussion on social media is Hardik Pandya. Actually Hardik Pandya’s flop show is still going on and cricket fans do not even remember when he hit the last six in International T20. But despite all this, Hardik Pandya has won the hearts of some people.

Actually, before the start of the match, Hardik Pandya respected this Sri Lanka national anthem, after which fans on social media praised Hardik Pandya fiercely. The toss took place before the start of the match and then the national anthem of both the teams was first played by the Indian team and after that the players of both the teams stand together on the field to pay respect during the national anthem of both the teams in Sri Lankan cricket.

Even after the completion of the national anthem of the Indian team, Hardik Pandya continued to sing the national anthem and this national anthem was not of India but of the opposition team Sri Lanka. Paying respect to the national anthem of the Sri Lankan team, Hardik started singing Namo Namo Mata, the national anthem of Sri Lanka.

The camera man’s attention went towards Hardik Pandya and his video went viral on social media and fans praised him fiercely on social media for this style of Hardik Pandya and giving different reactions, even though Hardik Pandya’s bat is still there. Be silent too but Pandya definitely managed to win the hearts of the people.

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