India increase the capacity of BrahMos Missiles

India is continuously increasing its capability in the field of missiles and this is the reason why India is not shying away from furthering its business of BrahMos missiles. But now India wants to make the supersonic cruise missile BrahMos a hypersonic cruise missile and soon India is planning to increase the range of BrahMos missiles to 15 hundred kilometers. Now as soon as India will succeed in increasing the capability of the BrahMos missiles to the hypersonic BrahMos missiles to a range of 15 hundred kilometers, in the same way, to compete with India in the sector of anti-ship cruise missiles, any powerful countries of the world are ready to chew iron gram.

will be equal. In fact, now India has decided to end its dependence on Russia, taking a big decision in the field of BrahMos missiles.That is, India makes BrahMos missile in its own country, but now 90 percent of the parts used in BrahMos missiles will also be made in India itself. Now let us tell you how India has strengthened itself so much in this sector, that too within 15 years

. Because 15 years ago only 12 percent of BrahMos missile parts were made in India but at present 70 percent of BrahMos missiles are not made in India and Modi government has now taken a big decision under which 90 percent of BrahMos missiles The target has been set to make the goods in India itself. That is, in the coming days, India’s main missile will be 90 percent indigenous. Let us now tell you how India will benefit from this decision of Modi government and how strong India will become in this sector.In fact, this decision of the government will increase the capacity of India’s manufacturing center in the field of weapons, while India will be able to achieve the goal of trading BrahMos missiles.
However, the US cutting law in the business of BrahMos missiles is also a big problem. Since Russia’s stake in BrahMos missiles will make it difficult for the US to trade BrahMos missiles, but experts believe that 80 to 90 percent of the goods in Brahmos are indigenous, India will be able to increase the deal of BrahMos missiles under US law. It will be easy Significantly, according to America’s car service law, the country concerned also comes under the purview of the ban for any kind of arms or defense related information transaction with Russia.

Even as the US has imposed some restrictions on its NATO ally Turkey on buying Russian systems, NATO organization officials say on India’s decision that India is not only a diplomatic but strategic partner of America. In such a situation, America will not take the risk of imposing any kind of sanctions on India under the Cutting Act.

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