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Team India Player Covid Positive, Series may be in Danger

After the defeat in the World Cup Championship, the BCCI gave a break of 20 days to all the players, in which all the players were seen celebrating the holiday. But these holidays seem to be overshadowing Team India because now covind19 ​​has entered the team of Team India.

According to the report, two Indian players were found corona positive in England, out of which one report has now come negative. The Indian team had recently received the second dose of the vaccine and some tests were also done after which the players were found infected. However, the names of the players who have been found corona positive have not been revealed yet.

According to the report, this player had a complaint of sore throat a few days ago, after which he was found infected in the investigation. At present, the player is in isolation at his relative’s house. Also came in contact with him. Some other players and members of the support staff have also been quarantined for three days which is over now.

For the time being, this member will not be a part of the Durham camp with the team. This player will reach Durham only after recovering from the infection. There is going to be a test again on July 18, which is the 10th day of isolation. The Indian team also has to play a practice match between July 20 and 22. The second player’s Test is going to be held on Sunday.

Apart from this, it has been told that these players are currently asymptomatic. That in England, the cases of coins positive are gradually increasing, due to which some members of the English team also came under its grip. Now the positive arrival of Indian players is to jeopardize the series. Now it has to be seen whether the India-England series starting from August 4 can be done properly or if there is any change in it due to covind19.


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